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Student Guide for Classroom Ethics Be respectful of your professors and fellow students. Listen attentively to their opinions. Don’t try to dominate the classroom discussion with your questions and opinions. Share the time. Go to the professor’s office hours if you have questions that are not of general interest to all. Don’t be rude to professor by making noise, shuffling papers, etc., when the class is almost over. Try to see the professor during posted hours. Do not expect the professor to be available at all times to see you. Show consideration for your classmates. Don’t distract them by coming in late, using your cell phone or pager, reading the newspaper in class, talking to those around you. If you must come in late, do not disrupt class by walking in front of class or crawling over everyone. Don’t eat noisy food in class. If there is a line to see the professor after class, keep your questions brief.
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Unformatted text preview: Dont make everyone else wait while you ask for favors or raise complex issues. Be a student of integrity. Make the most of your education. Read material in advance, formulate questions, study for the exams. Do your best. Put education first ahead of your leisure activities. Dont sleep during class. Dont expect your classmates to give you their notes when you miss class repeatedly. Dont attend class when you are not sober. Treat others fairly. Dont ask the instructor for special consideration. Think whether you would want the instructor to grant the same request for other students. Dont ask classmates to share their work with you when you are not prepared. Dont use the class time for issues that are only important to you; i.e., when you can take a make-up exam....
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