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Please complete Ch. 5 p. 210 fill in the blank, 1, 11, and 16. Ch. 6 p. 254 review questions 5 and 6 CH. 7 p. 297 fill in the blank, 1, 11, and 25. Chapter 5 - Fill in the Blank (Page 191-192) 1. Dynamic RAM requires frequent _ refresh _ to maintain its data content. 11. The 3 components that are summed to calculated average access time for a disk drive are _ HTH switching time_ , _ TTT seek time_ , and _ rotational delay_ . 16. A(n) _ solid-state drive _ mimics the behavior and hysical size of a magnetic disk drive but has no moving parts. Chapter 6 - Review Question (Page 234 -235) 5. What is a stack? Why is it needed?
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Unformatted text preview: Stack is a storage area that can be access on the LIFO basic. Stack is needed to ensure an interrupted program can be resummed in exact state as before the interruption. Chapter 6 - Fill in the Blank (Page 233-234) 1. A(n) _ bus _ is a shared electrical or optical communication channel that connects two or more device. 11. The set of register value stored in the stack while processing an interrupt is also called the _ machine state _. 25. The _ address bus _ transmits a memory address when primary storage is the sending or receiving device....
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