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Stat 512-1 Homework #1 Dr. Levine Due Friday, Sept 4th A reminder – Please do not hand in any unlabelled or unedited SAS output. Include in your write-up only those results that are necessary to present a complete solution. In particular, questions must be answered in order (including graphs), and all graphs must be fully labeled (main title should include question number and all axes should be labelled). Don’t forget to put your name on the first page. Include the SAS input for all questions at the very end of your homework. You will often be asked to continue problems on successive homework assignments, so save all your SAS code. 1. A regression analysis relating test scores (Y) to training hours (X) produced the following fitted equation: ˆ 15 0.9 yx =+ (a) What is the fitted value of the response variable corresponding to x = 6? (b) What is the residual corresponding to the data point with x = 5 and y = 17? (c) If x increases 3 units, how does ˆ y change? (d) Consider the data point in part (b).
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