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UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS PHYSICS 125 WINTER 2005 MIDTERM EXAMINATION Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm Date: February 9, 2005 NAME (Print). .~ I-"~ ~(\' I.D. #: PROFESSOR SECTION # SIGNA TURB. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS - READ CAREF\.JLL Y TO A VOID PENALTY Use PENCIL. Mark your ID# and three digit .'S~tion number". ,Check that you have not missed, or put double marks in any row in the i'nswer field. (Keep sheet face down when not in use.) 1 Fill in name, etc., at upper right on computer sheet and on this page. 2- HAND IN SHEET AND BOOKLET SEPARATELY. Booklets will be returned later. 3 4 Check that your exam has 13 questions. All questions are of equal value, so don't get hung up and miss the easy ones. Formula sheet should be attached There is no penalty marking for incorrect answers. However t in the event that the computer sheet cannot be completely read, credit will be given to correct answers only if work is shown in the space below the questions in this booklet. s If you need more space for your calculations, use the back of the previous page and label it with the question number. 6 Good luck! ! 7. g = 9.8 m/s2, 10 = lO-12Wlm2 Speed of sound in air 340 m/s Circle your Professor: 001 (Comp) Lecture Section S. Darnaskinos 002 R.Jayasundera (Chern) Lecture Section R Jayasundera (Mech) Lecture Section 003
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Page 2 of 10 Physics 125 Midtenn - Winter 2005 1. () 0 A Biology student has designed a platfonn consisting of 4 identical springs with force constant k. Two students, one Bjology.and the other Engineering are bouncing in Simple Harmonic motion with a period T= 5 sec. At the bottom of the "oscillation" the Engineering student jumps off and one of the springs break. Find the new period of oscillation. (Assume mass of the Biology student to be "m" and the Engineering student "3m" and the platfonn is massless). Answer in seconds. @ . ~~ cg~-6
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