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UNIVERSITY OF W A TERLOP DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIC$ PHYSICS 125 SPRING 2004 MIDTERM EXAMINATION Date: June 7, 2004 Time: 7:00.;9:00 p.m NAME (Prill t ) ,D. # PROFESSOR SECr10N # SIGNATURE IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS - READ CAREFULLY 'to A VOID PENALTY I Use PENCIL. Mar~ your ID# and three digit . .secti r number". Check that you have not miss~d, or p~t doub~e fDarkS in any row intbe answer field. (Keep sheet face down when not muse.) , 2. Fill in name, etc., at upper right on computer sheet ar¥ on this page r SEP ARATEL '\1, Booklets will be HAND IN SHEET AND BOOK! returned to the students later. 3 Check that your exam h~ 13 questions. All question,are of equal value, so don't get hung up and tnlSS the easy ones. Fonnula s~eet should be attached. 4 There is no penalty marking for incorrect answers. HFwever, in the event that the computer ~heet ~otbe c~mpletely read, credit "? b~ giv~n to. correct answers only If work IS shownm the space below the estJons In thiS booklet. 5 If you need more space for your calcu~ations, use thef lank pages at the end of the booklet or use the bac;k of the previou$ page and I bel it w~th the question number. 6 7. Good luck!! g = 9.8 mls2., 10=10-12. W 1m Circle your Professor: (Mech) R. Jayasundera Mansour (Chern) (camp) c. OtDonovan S. Damaskinos (Elec )
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1. A particle executes simple harmonic motion with am ~l tude 5 cm and frequency I~ Hz: At time t = 0 it has ~ pos~tive ~splacement an is mov~g in the positive directIon at 2 mfs. When WIll this particle have the s e velocIty next? Answer in ms (I ms = 10-3 sec.). (a)~6 ~)68 (c )82 (d) 98 (e) 44 ~ ' : c ~ i :': gQc. F;.,3 ~ IYJ.S' ~ ~';I 0/ ;1ht ~ _F " "83 .~ /11' t' ~ ~ ~.- -",L. . '/).1 . I7riI . r')' 4IIH S' ~. j,&,.,.,e, , ~"Y.t4~'.fy ~.t(,~ ~ .r~ J .H .". f)")-.c': '~ 'X (0) ;>0 ~r/),l~).' . '. If"':' '( 1't ." t;.~., ~. . dtf~ :.of et. 4'.1. WI J (§) c.d ~ ~ ~ ~ f ~~. ..,. ." ~ cc. .6 ~~~, ~ I ~ A~ ")')-.0 ~ -+ ~(' O. eJ"S'
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This note was uploaded on 02/05/2011 for the course PHYSICS 125 taught by Professor Jaysundera during the Spring '10 term at Waterloo.

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