Test1vocab - Chapter 1 Adjustment the psychological...

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Chapter 1 Adjustment: the psychological processes through which people manage or cope with the demands and challenges of everyday life Behavior: any overt (observable) response or activity by an organism Case study: an in-depth investigation of an individual subject Clinical psychology: the branch of psychology concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems and disorders Control group: subjects in an experiment who do not receive the special treatment given to the experimental group Correlation: the extent to which two variables are related to each other Correlation coefficient: the numerical index of the degree of relationship that exists between two variables Dependent variable: in an experiment, the variable thought to be affected by manipulations of the independent variable Empiricism: the premise that knowledge should be acquired through observation Experiment: research method in which the investigator manipulates an (independent) variable under carefully controlled conditions and observes whether there are changes in a second (dependent) variable as a result Experimental group: the subjects in an experiment who receive some special treatment in regard to the independent variable Hedonic adaptation: phenomenon that occurs when the mental scale that people use to judge the pleasantness and unpleasantness of their experiences shifts so that their neutral point, or baseline for comparison, is changed Independent variable: in an experiment, a condition or event that an experimenter varies in order to see its impact on another variable Mnemonic devices: strategies for enhancing memory Naturalistic observation: approach to research in which the researcher engages in careful
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Test1vocab - Chapter 1 Adjustment the psychological...

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