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Introduction to Islam: - Islam: a Western religion? - Proximity to the West: geographic, ideological, religious, philosophical - Why so misunderstood? What is Islam? Who are Muslims? - Defining Islam: peace and submission - 3-letter Arabic root: sin lam mim - Important vocabulary: Islam(ic), Muslim(s), [Moslem] - Who are Muslims? - Generic vs. brand name Islam Who is Muhammad? - Did not invent Islam (not Muhammadanism) - Abrahamic prophet - Not divine - Sallalahu alayhi wa sallam = may the peace and blessings of God be upon him (s.a.w. or p.b.u.h) - Seal of the prophets What is the Qur’an? Who is Allah? - Qur’an: Islam’s holy book; Jibril (Gabriel), Origin of the Qur’an - Allah: Arabic, al= the, lah=god, God of Jews, Christians, Muslims Ibrahim and Isma’il - Emphases of Qur’an and Bible - Hanif = primordial monotheist - Qur’anic account of Ibrahim (Abraham) and Isma’il (Ishmael) - Construction of the ka’ba Pre-Islamic Arabia - Time frame: 6 th -7 th CE - Geo-political context: byzantine and Persian empires - Jahiliyya = Age of Ignorance - Religion, culture, politics, social order or pre-Islamic Arabia - Mecca: Arabia’s center Prophet’s Early Years - 570 CE: Muhammad is born - Quraysh and Banu Hashim - Early life as orphan o ‘Abd al-Muttalid and ‘Abu Talib - Occupation - Age 25: Marries Khadija Beginning of Revelation - Post marriage: 15 years of spiritual preparation - 610 CE (age 40): beginning of revelation on the Night of Power (Qur’an 97:1-5) - First verses revealed: Qur’an 96:1-3 - Khadija’s cousin, Waraqa Islam before the Hijra
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- early ministry: covert teaching, Islam spreads slowly o First converts: Khadija, ‘Abu Bakr, ‘Ali - 612 CE: message goes public - 615 CE: migration to Abyssinia (present-day Ethophia) - 617-620 CE: Quraysh boycott Banu Hashim - 620 CE: Year of Sadness 621: Night Journey - Night Journey (‘isra); Ascension (mi’raj) - Qur’an 17:1; hadith - Mecca to Jerusalem: Al-Buraq and Jibril - Ascension into the seven heavens - Obligation of the Salat; help from Musa (Moses) - Islam After the Hijra(migration from Mecca to Medina) - 621 CE: pledge of Aqaba: 620 CE year of sorrow; delegation from neighboring city of Yathrib made pilgrimage to Mecca; saw Muhammad’s skills; they needed an outsider to govern the tribes in their area; offered leadership to Muhammad; they would convert to Islam and protect Prophet in return they would get his leadership; the Muslim community migrates to Medina; they wouldn’t all migrate at once otherwise the Pagan would have known - 622 CE: Migration to Medina (hijri calendar begins here) A.H. anno hijri (year of their savior); they Muslims were in hiding; could not form full community; when prophet moved to Medina he also became statesmen and politician; since they had a community Islam had their way of life as well; as they move to a community God responded to the situation of the believers; God gave bit by bit to the people (Gabriel still gave revelation); the poorest people were allowed to access the prophet;
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Islam - Islam Religiology Introduction to Islam Islam a...

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