bio 102-2 - What is one example of plant microbial animal...

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What is one example of plant, microbial, animal or medical biotechnology research involving signaling molecules? What are 3 advantages (benefits to mankind) provided by this research? What are 2 disadvantages (potential problems or ethical dilemmas) of the outcome of this particular signaling research? Maryah Barna Bio 102 Section 1 March 11, 2009 Modifying Drugs and the Cells That Signal Them There are over five hundred different biological signaling molecules within the human body, and an even more numerous effects from those molecules. The scientists researching these signaling molecules enter with hopes of finding a way to cure cancer, other diseases or even injuries that seem incurable. Not all research is promising and can sometimes have negative results. There is a research done on the signaling molecule cAMP that might make it possible for paralysis to be reversed, but still needs more testing done. The signaling molecule cAMP helps in repair the nervous tissue in spinal cord injuries. The experiments have only been tested in rats, but have shown promising results (National 2002). Sensory neurons respond differently depending on their location, those located in the peripheral axonal branch are able to regenerate, but those located in the central axonal branch are unable to do so. The central axonal branch, also known as the spinal cord, usually ends in paralysis or paraplegia (Basbaum et all 2002). This new research is able to allow the central axonal branch to regenerate, reversing or preventing paraplegia. Research has proven that if both
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bio 102-2 - What is one example of plant microbial animal...

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