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Lab Report bio 102 - Barna Maryah Barna 1 Abstract There...

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Barna Maryah Barna March 11, 2009 Abstract There are several different kinds of hormones that are involved in plant growth and development. The first discovered one is auxin, which promotes stem elongation, adventitious root growth, and fruit growth. In addition to all that, auxin also helps to prevent or inhibit lateral branching and leaf abscission. This experiment is to prove that leaves from a cabbage plant contain auxin and are thus able to stay on the plant instead of falling off. Starting off with two cabbage plants, one is used as the control and the other as the experimental plant. The leaves are cut off of a few of the branches at the petiole, but on the experimental plant, a substance containing auxin is placed on the remaining petiole. After a few days of monitoring the plants, the control has shed its petioles, while the experimental has kept them intact with the plant. This proves that the leaves contain auxin, because with the auxin supply cut off of the control, the petioles are no longer able to stay with the plant, but the experimental has the auxin to do so. Introduction When leaves fall off of trees, it is due to a chemical ratio of auxin and ethylene within the leaves. Those two hormones work antagonistically: auxin 1
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Barna prevents leaf abscission, while ethylene promotes it. Auxin, also known as indole-3-acetic acid or IAA, is crucial to plant development, growth and vitality. Auxin is also able to be stored in an inactive form through conjugation: attachment to various compounds. During this inactive stage, auxin is used in seeds for protection (Davenport et all 1976). When Auxin works in conjunction with several other hormones such as cytokinin, ethylene and gibberellins. Auxin is crucial to stem growth and in the
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