Chapter Reviews 1-5 - M aryah Barna J Beattie English 102...

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Maryah Barna J. Beattie English 102 March 24, 2009 Chapter Reviews Chapter 1. The first chapter is fairly brief, but provides us with a lot of information on the main character, Maggie Glenn. She is a photographer for a local paper in Columbia. One of the major events of this chapter is her assignment back to her hometown in Oconee County, page 9. She normally does not get assigned the big stories, so this is important for her, even though the reason for her assignment is because she knows the people there. Another factor into the decision on her for the assignment is that Allen Hemphill requested her. This is a major event in the story, and we can see that after her flashback: another major event in the novel. On page 13, the flashback reveals several things to us: that Allen wears a wedding ring even though he is actually single, and that Maggie has taken an interest in him. This can also act as foreshadowing that Maggie and Allen might actually end up together, since they are going on this assignment together. Also, the fact that Hemphill chose her to assist him, leads Maggie to believe that he has also taken an interest in her. Another major event is that the two are sent up to Oconee County to write an article about the girl who drowned and all the commotion that has become of the situation. Also, the only symbol I found in the chapter is ghosts. The author starts the chapter with it and refers to everyone as a ghost. They act like them because all they do is work, work, and more work in their tiny little cubicles not saying a word to each other. Chapter 2. Chapter two does not have a lot of major events in it, but it does give more information about Maggie’s past. At the beginning of the chapter, Allen and Maggie stop to get gas as Billy’s gas station. Billy is a life long friend of Maggie’s who fills Allen and Maggie in on what happened at the river. He tells them about how the family was taking a picnic along the river, and then Ruth went into the water and was sucked behind the hydraulic. He also tells us that only the mother jumped in to
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try and save her daughter, but not the father (page 24). This sparks some curiosity
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Chapter Reviews 1-5 - M aryah Barna J Beattie English 102...

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