Chapter Reviews 6-8 - Maryah Barna J Beattie English 102...

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Maryah Barna J. Beattie English 102 March 30, 2009 Chapter Reviews 6-8 Chapter 6. This chapter focuses more on the relationship between Allen and Maggie. It starts off with Maggie’s photograph being praised by others in the office (pages 132-133). This is significant because it shows not only how skilled Maggie is, but also her co-workers respect Maggie for her talent. This can also foreshadow a promotion in the close future for Maggie. Then it transitions into Allen and Maggie’s relationship through their coffee break. This is not as it was planned because Maggie is almost hit by a car on the way over and Allen flashbacks to the time his wife and child were killed (135). This leads into Allen opening up to Maggie about what happened to his family. This adds more to Allen and his character and personality. Then the two meet up later for dinner at Maggie’s house, where she cooks them dinner, starting on page 138. Their first date goes well, but the conversation about Allen’s family takes up most of the time. Again, this is significant because it uncovers more about Allen and his past relationship with his
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Chapter Reviews 6-8 - Maryah Barna J Beattie English 102...

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