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Maryah Barna J. Beattie English 102 March 24 th , 2009 The Little Things Who cares about the little things in life? In actuality, most people do: gaining simple pleasures from simple things. That is the same with the main character in Susan Glaspell’s drama “Trifles,” Mrs. Wright. She gains happiness from trifles such as her fruit, quilting, and her bird. Her husband, however, did not appreciate such things and did his best to remove them from his life, making his wife miserable. Finally, after taking so many years of pain and misery, Mrs. Wright finally strikes back. The only problem is that the trifles give her away. Susan Glaspell uses the fruit, the quilting, and the bird as symbols of Mrs. Wright’s life and also as the clues to solving the mystery of Mr. Wright’s death. In “Trifles,” Susan Glaspell uses Mrs. Wright’s fruit to symbolize Mrs. Wright’s life and as a clue in the mystery of the murdered Mr. Wright. At the beginning of the drama, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters are summing up the room and notice all the jars of fruit that Mrs. Wright has prepared. Sadly, all of these jars cracked and spilled the fruit that was prepared out of them (1093). Mrs. Wright’s life ended just like those jars, cracked. She was so miserable under her husband’s and simply could not take it anymore, so she cracked under the pressure. This is symbolized in the jars through their cracking under the pressure of the cold just as Mrs. Wright does. Another way that Glaspell uses the jars of fruit is to show us how carefree Mrs. Wright is 1
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after her husband has just been killed.
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Drama Essay - 1 Maryah Barna J. Beattie English 102 March...

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