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ED 105 Interviews - Maryah Barna Ed 105-4 Richard Tinucci...

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Maryah Barna Ed 105-4 Richard Tinucci High School Basketball Coach Lake Norman High School What are the duties of your job? The duties of a coach are to teach the game's fundamentals, rules and sportsmanship of the game. Not only does a coach teach these things but also to be a mentor to student athletes inside and outside the classroom. What is the best part of your job? What is the worst part of your job? The best part of my job is to be a part of student-athlete's lives. It gives me advantage in the classroom and coaching because it allows a high school student that education is just as important than athletics. The worst part is being away from my family for so many hours of the day and on the weekends What is the most difficult aspect of working in a school today? The most difficult aspect of working in a school is the overcrowding in the classroom. There should be guidelines that are enforced when teachers are teaching the exceeding number of students. The idea of a ratio from student to teacher is very misleading. What is your philosophy of education? My philosophy in education is to find a connection with every student in the class room. Find a way to get the student "hooked" on the subject matter. They may not like the subject but they respect who is teaching it and do the best. A teacher needs to be firm, fair, and funny. Entertaining and having students learn and smile at the same time is the ultimate goal. How would you handle a personal attack from a parent? If it is a nonviolent action and just a verbal attack, I can easily stay focused on the matter. I remember that it is their child, not mine and will do anything for them. I can always go home every night and know that my children and my wife don't have any idea that a parent has said something bad about me, I will always have their love and support and that makes me a successful educator. Victoria Schmidt Hogg
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ED 105 Interviews - Maryah Barna Ed 105-4 Richard Tinucci...

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