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Full Syllabus Fall 2009 - 2 Credit Hours The mission of the Eugene T. Moore School of Education is to prepare caring and capable professionals through intellectually engaging experiences in theory, method, and research that connect them to the communities in which they live and serve. Instructor: J. Elizabeth Gladden Course Location : 108 Tillman Office location: 429 Tillman Sections: 004 9:05-9:55 Friday Phone: 864-656-0639 005 10:10-11:00 Friday Email : [email protected] 006 11:15-12:05 Friday Office hours: T 8:30-9:45, 12:30-1:45, W 9:00-11:00, F 12:05-12:35 Academic Integrity Policy: “As members of the Clemson University community, we have inherited Thomas Green Clemson’s vision of this institution as a ‘high seminary of learning.’ Fundamental to this vision is a mutual commitment to truthfulness, honor, and responsibility, without which we cannot earn the trust and respect of others. Furthermore, we recognize that academic dishonesty detracts from the value of a Clemson degree. Therefore, we shall not tolerate lying, cheating, or stealing in any form.” Please refer to the Academic Integrity Policy on the ETM School of Education Web Site. If you have a documented disability that requires accommodation, you must notify the professor in writing during the first week of classes. “It is University policy to provide, on a flexible and individualized basis, reasonable accommodations to students who have disabilities. Students are encouraged to contact Student Disability Services to discuss their individual needs for accommodation.” Students at Clemson are expected to wait 15 minutes if an instructor is late. LiveText : The Eugene T. Moore School of Education is required to collect assessment data on all students in order to maintain our NCATE accreditation and other professional association recognitions. We have chosen a system called LiveText that allows faculty to collect student performance data and students to store artifacts and projects for future use. For this purpose , it will be necessary for you to purchase an online LiveText account through the Clemson University bookstore . It will cost $98 and is required for completion of this course. You only need to buy a LiveText account once during your degree program. Course description: Introduction to teaching addresses basic program requirements, SoE Conceptual Framework, state evaluation system, the nature of diverse and multicultural classrooms, standards and practices of professional conduct and requirements in training. A field experience involving tutoring in a P-12 classroom is required. Standards addressed: All six elements in Level 1 of the ETM School of Education Conceptual Framework Assessment System are rated in this course. Course rationale:
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Gladden_ED_105_Syllabus_Fall_2009 - ED 105 Education...

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