Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education - Maryah Barna ED 105 J Elizabeth...

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Maryah Barna ED 105 J. Elizabeth Gladden August 29, 2009 Maryah’s Philosophy of Education Teachers play an important role in the way students go through the education systems. Each teacher has the chance to make it or break it with the students he/she teaches. In order to get more students successfully through school, certain responsibilities weigh on the instructor’s shoulders. Every teacher should be enthusiastic about his/her subject, create a hospitable environment, understand that each student is unique, and be willing to further his/her own education and personal growth within the educational system. The environment of a classroom sets the tone for the students and their attitudes toward the teacher and the subject of that teacher, and it needs to be a welcoming one. Teachers who are enthusiastic about their subject spread their enthusiasm to everyone in the class. For example, Ms. Smith teaches a math class and it is obvious that Ms. Smith enjoys her subject. The students are captivated but her presence and also by her love of math. This keeps their attention long
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Philosophy of Education - Maryah Barna ED 105 J Elizabeth...

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