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Maryah Barna English 213 Lynn Childress October 20, 2009 Restoration RS Paper The Maze of Love Love is a complicated topic for mostly everyone. It is tricky and hard to understand exactly what it is when people are not entirely truthful. Eliza Haywood, an author of the Restoration time period in Britain, captures a love story that continues to struggle. Eliza was one of the first persons to write a novel, along with Henry Fielding, Samuel Richardson, and Daniel Defoe. Eliza’s works concentrated on the women of her time, and the ‘love maze’. Even though written in 1725, Eliza Haywood’s novel Fantomina: Or, Love in a Maze suits what the modern love life has become: a chase for a love that with time always runs out and leaves people suffering. The main character in Eliza Haywood’s Fantomina: Or, Love in a Maze lowers herself to the role of a prostitute in order to catch a man’s attention, just as women today lower their standards in order to catch a man. Within the first page, the main character embellishes on how these women to indulge upon the desires of men, have so much attention from such wealthy
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and appreciated men (Haywood 41). She then acts as if she is a prostitute, yet finds herself in trouble when a Sir Beauplaisir wants exactly what she is ‘meant for’: sex. She adopts the name Fantomina as her cover, and tries her hardest to escape the situation but cannot. Ironically, she is still trying to maintain her Reputation and Virtue , which she believes she still has throughout the novel. However, after their second meeting, Beauplaisir rapes Fantomina, and then he discovers that she was a virgin. Fantomina’s plan to act as a prostitute lowered her standards, stole her virginity, and left her brokenhearted. This is similar to the modern love story because women constantly lower themselves to wearing showy clothes and living in a
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Restoration RS Paper - Maryah Barna English 213 Lynn...

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