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1 Language • Structure of Language • Theories of Language Acquisition • Language in the Human Brain Language in Nonhumans? Language in Nonhumans? Irene Pepperberg has spent years training cognitive and communicative skills to Alex, an African-Gray Parrot
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2 Language in Nonhumans? In the 60s & 70s, there were a number of efforts to teach chimpanzees to speak English Chimps do not have the proper vocal apparatus to learn to speak Sign language is more appropriate b ASL Nim Chimpsky Washoe Koko Language in Nonhumans? Apple me eat Banana Nim eat Banana me eat Drink me Nim Eat Nim eat Eat Nim me Eat me Nim Eat me eat Finish hug Nim Give me eat Grape eat Nim Hug me Nim Me Nim eat Me more eat Banana Nim banana Nim Banana eat me Nim Banana me Nim me Banana me eat banana Drink Nim drink Nim Drink eat drink eat Drink eat me Nim Eat Nim eat Nim Eat drink eat drink Eat grape eat Nim Me eat me eat Me gum me gum Nim eat Nim eat Play me Nim play Nim Chimpsky and trainer Laura Ann Petitto "Give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you.” Famous Quotes from Nim Chimpsky
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03-25 Knowledge_Thought-1 - Thought & Knowledge...

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