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Dr. Anna Toy-Palmer Chem 100 Chapter 6 review questions: 1. How many moles are in 23.5 g of nitrogen gas? 2. How many atoms are in 44.3 g of lead? 3. Given the following information for a compound: molar mass = 152.111 g/mol, and mass percentages of: C 39.48%, H 2.65%, N 36.83%, O 21.04%, determine the molecular formula. 4. How many oxygen atoms are in 34.5 g of iron (III) hydroxide? 5. Given the same number of molecules of mercury (I) phosphide and lead (IV) bromide, which has the greater mass? 6. A rock in a lead ore deposit contains 84% PbS by mass. How many kg of the rock must be processed to obtain 1.0 kg of Pb? 7. A drop of water is 0.05 mL and has a density of 1.0 g/cm 3 . How many water molecules does it contain? 8. How many grams of potassium do 7.91 X 10 23 potassium atoms weigh? 9. How many moles of tin (IV) nitrite produce 3.57 X 10
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Unformatted text preview: 25 oxygen atoms? 10. How many grams of silver sulfide produce 3.57 X 10-1 moles of sulfur? 11. What is the mass percent of xenon in xenon tetrafluoride? 12. What is the empirical formula of a compound that has the following mass percentages: C 20.33%, H 8.53%, N 71.14%. 13. How many moles of carbon are in 3.54 mol of zinc acetate? 14. If you consume 3.5 g of sodium chloride and 4.9 g of sodium bicarbonate, how many total milligrams of sodium did you consume? 15. A gold ore has a mass percent of 0.44 % pure gold. To obtain $200.00 worth of pure gold, how many grams of pure gold do you need? (Cost of gold is $418.00/troy oz, 14.6 troy oz = 454 g of gold) 16. Which is heavier: 0.25 mol of silver atoms or 0.25 mol of platinum atoms?...
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