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DEDICATED TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE W orld Business Council for ustainable Development S 2005 Case study Natura Placing sustainable development at the center of business thinking Brazil has a rich natural heritage and some of the most biodiverse regions in the world. It has the largest reserves of fresh water and one-third of the world's remaining tropical forests. It is estimated that 10% of all existing species of plants and animals live in these regions. Brazil is also the largest and most populous country in South America and the continent’s leading economic power. Although the country is furthering its industrial and agricultural growth through the exploitation of its vast natural resources and a large workforce, unequal income distribution remains a problem. Through its business practices, the quality of its products and the relationships it establishes, Brazil-based Natura seeks to contribute to development and make its brand recognized worldwide and identified with a community of people who are committed to creating a better world. Enhancing responsible social and environmental management Natura’s Ekos Challenge aims to create a model to allow the sustainable use of natural resources, generating good business opportunity and social development for traditional communities and for Natura and its partners. Since the 1990s, Natura has been enhancing the responsible social and environmental management of its business, based on the establishment of quality relationships with its stakeholders and of corporate strategies that increasingly place sustainable development at the center of business thinking. Natura has sought to establish processes and systems that ensure the inclusion of its corporate social responsibility principles in its strategic planning and daily business routines. These principles are 1) an ethical and transparent relationship with its stakeholders and 2) the definition of targets that are compatible with sustainable development. These ethical principles have started to permeate the company's initiatives in all areas and results include: The option for the sustainable use of raw materials from Brazilian biodiversity as a technological platform; The adoption of a social and environmental supplier evaluation process; The development of packages that have less of an environmental impact. The Corporate Responsibility Matrix To focus its attention on the critical issues of this strategy, Natura created a management support tool called the Corporate Responsibility Matrix that helps managers plan and visualize specific actions aimed at each type of stakeholder. This tool does not reflect all of Natura’s efforts regarding the promotion of socially responsible management. It does intend, however, to show the investments made in the most critical aspects of this management. These are:
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WBCSD page 2 The monitoring of the quality of Natura’s relationship with its stakeholders regarding
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