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Unformatted text preview: Winter 2011 JPN 136: Readings in Japanese Newspapers Instructor: David Gundry This course is a model of simplicity; we will read articles freshly culled from the websites of Japan's major dailies and translate them aloud in class, advancing at whatever rate the class members can reasonably handle. Students will be expected to memorize a certain portion of the vocabulary and will be tested on it in quizzes, a midterm and a final. I will choose articles with a view toward holding students' interest, exposing them to a variety of issues of cultural and political significance, and the brevity that makes linguistically difficult texts easily digestable. Instructor’s e ­mail address: Office hours: Wednesdays 1 ­3pm, and by appointment, in 302 Sproul Hall. Required texts: 『日本語文型辞典』。(In the UCD bookstore.) Yoko M. McClain, Handbook of Modern Japanese Grammar. (This book is only "required" if you can actually track down a copy at a price you are willing to pay; 『日本語文型辞典』 is actually more comprehensive, but it is all in Japanese, so it does not give you ready ­made translations for the expressions involved, which McClain's book very helpfully does do.) Grading: Class participation 30% (Students' participation grades will be based on their presence and preparation; students whose absences are minimal and who appear to have spent a reasonable amount of effort preparing for class will get an "A" as far as participation is concerned, even if their in ­class translations are not always on the mark.) Quizzes: 20% (The number of quizzes will depend in part on the pace that the students themselves will set. Students' two lowest quiz scores will be dropped.) Midterm exam: 20% Final exam: 30% Class Schedule Tuesday, 2/8: Midterm exam. Tuesday, 3/15, 1pm ­3pm: Final exam. 1 ...
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