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Unformatted text preview: JPN 136, Winter 2011, Vocabulary List for "Words in the News" and "Families Bereaved by Suicide..."(Quiz 5) 訴訟 そしょう lawsuit 肝炎 かんえん hepatitis 賠償 ばいしょう compensation 集団 しゅうだん group, mass-, (with " 訴訟 ") class-action 感染(する) かんせん infection, contagion, (with "する")to infect, to catch (a disease), (with "者")infected 細菌戦 さいきんせん germ warfare 郊外 こうがい suburb(s) 本部 ほんぶ headquarters 実験 じっけん experiment 効率的に こうりつてきに efficiently 規制 きせい regulation(s) 輸入 ゆにゅう importation, import(s) 基準 きじゅん standard(s) 貿易 ぼうえき (international) trade 撤廃 てっぱい abolition 世代 せだい generation 急増(する) きゅうぞう sudden increase, (with "する") to suddenly increase 1 厚生労働省 推計(する) 医療 遺族 高額(な) 請求 要望書 不当(な) 追い打ちをかける 被害 ( に)詳しい 事例 賃貸住宅 こうせいろうどうしょう すいけい いりょう いぞく こうがく The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (literally "Welfare [and] Labor Ministry") estimate (n.), (with "する") to estimate medical treatment, health care bereaved family a large sum of money request, demand, charge, claim list of demands, wish list unfair, unjust, unreasonable to make further attacks on a retreating enemy (i.e., to kick someone when he/she is down) harm, damage, injury detailed, (with " に"), well-informed (regarding ), knowledgeable (about ) case, instance, example rented dwelling, rental housing せいきゅう ようぼうしょ ふとう おいうちをかける ひがい くわしい じれい ちんたいじゅうたく 2 ...
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