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Faseeh Riaz Student Number: 210867588 Course:HLST1011 TA: Danielle Bishop You are the Minister of Health and also a very close friend of Bill Gates. Bill has decided to give you $2 BILLION dollars to help solve the problem with overcrowding in the emergency departments in Ontario. How would you spend the money? Emergency department is a big and an important part of the health care system. The current crisis has given this department a bad reputation. One of the biggest problems that people face is the wait times, they are ridiculous long and when one is in pain one minute feels like an hour. Some of the funding should be spent on the infrastructure of this specific department. It is imperative that the emergency department has the organizational power to responds to situations quickly and efficiently. It is exactly this characteristic that will distinguish a effective emergency department from a ineffective one. Investments in the infrastructure will represent a long term goal and will also require increasing the emergency staff for example nurses and doctors. This
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