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Jan 28 - F aseeh Riaz Student Number 210867588...

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Faseeh Riaz Student Number: 210867588 Course:HLST1011 TA: Danielle Bishop 1)You are faced with two patients both requiring a bed in an intensive care unit: one is a 60-year old male who is an executive in a large company, married and with two grown children; the other is a 20-year old woman who is a crack cocaine addict. There is only one bed available and there is no hope of another bed for days. What criteria will you use to decide who gets the bed? The first thing I would do is evaluate each person’s chance of survival. I would base my decision on that. Social or birth does not give you the chance at life. Obviously, there is an oversimplification as there are many other factors that come into play but this decision should be made logically. In canadaian society we tend to judge social class by looking at a person’s socio-economic status. This judgment works is useful for assigning social befits but it is not useful in this context. At the end of the day both of these people are human and both have a right to life. However, giving either of them a bed is a gamble that might or
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