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Copyright 2006 by Paul Kivel Guidelines for Being Strong White Allies Adapted from Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Social Justice by Paul Kivel W HAT KIND OF ACTIVE SUPPORT does a strong white ally provide to a person of color? Over the years, people of color that I have talked with have been remarkably consistent in describing the kinds of support they need from white allies. What People of Color Want from White Allies “Respect us” “Listen to us” “Find out about us” “Don’t make assumptions” “Don’t take over” “Stand by my side” “Provide information” “Don’t assume you know what’s best for me” “Resources” “Money” “Take risks” “Make mistakes” “Don’t take it personally” “Honesty” “Understanding” “Talk to other white people” “Teach your children about “Interrupt jokes and comments” racism” “Speak up” “Don’t ask me to speak for my people” “Your body on the line” “Persevere daily” Basic Tactics Every situation is different and calls for critical thinking about how
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Kivel+Guidelines+for+white+allies - Guidelines for Being...

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