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Summary Although it is hazardous to draw a conclusion about the impact of the various policy initiatives from such a limited number of studies,some tentative generaliza- tions can be made.The effect of equal pay and equal employment opportunity policies tends to be incon- clusive, although there is some evidence that affirma- tive action policies in the United States have been effective for the target groups to which they have been applied. Comparable worth policies have reduced the earnings gap and resulted in considerable awards in the few situations where they have been applied, albeit on a comprehensive basis their scope will be limited by an inability to deal with the consid- erable portion of the wage gap that reflects the segre- gation of females into low-wage establishments and
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Unformatted text preview: industries.The evidence on the adverse employment effects from comparable-worth adjustments tends to be inconclusive. It should be kept in mind, however, that estimating the impact of such policy initiatives is extremely diffi-cult, especially given the other dramatic changes that are occurring simultaneously in the female labour market.This is especially the case since the policy ini-tiatives themselves may be a function of the policy problem they are designed to eliminate,and the initia-tives may be related to other unobservable factors that are the true cause of the changes in labour mar-ket behaviour. Such problems are not unique to these policy initiatives; they apply to estimating the impact of almost any social program....
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