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Review for Final

Review for Final - • Evolution by natural selection •...

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Review for Final Chapters: 38 (1/5), 40, 41, 42, 44 58 questions Put together last 4 chapter: Figure 40.04 Mouth/nose (should be first choice) #1 Digestive system (left)- Folding of the wall are villi. Capillaries are in villi #2-Circulatory System #3- Respiratory System- cross section between lungs (alveoli) #4- all living cells (must receive oxygen and nutrients)- CO2 is coming out and ammonia is leaving and ammonia goes to liver and turns into urea where it is combined with CO2 #5- urinary excretion system- nephrons being excreted (bowman’s capsule) #6-fecal matter #7- urine #8- toilet (should be last choice!) Quiz 8-9 What is evolution? Who was Darwin?- evolution man Wallace- another person who came up with evolution by natural selection Domains of Life (viruses are nowhere in domains of life…not considered living) Kingdoms of Eukarya
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Unformatted text preview: • Evolution by natural selection • Watson and Crick • Genus and species…know how to write homo sapiens correctly Semi lunar valves- in heart between ventricles and vessels (one way valve) Veins contain one way valves also Systemic circulation- flow of body from left side of blood to whole body and then to the rigfht side Pulmonary- flow from heart to lungs Artery that carries deoxygenated blood- pulmonary artery Oxygenated blood- pulmonary vein Vein- carries blood to the heart Artery- away from the heart ADH, EPO, oxytossin, gastrin (increase acidity in stomach) Pancreas- Be able to label the parts of a complete flower Double fertilization Mature pollen grain has how many sperm cells? Meiosis, then mitosis, then pollen grain Multicellular haploid plant Open circulatory system- insect 2,3,4 chamber hearts...
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Review for Final - • Evolution by natural selection •...

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