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Transcription and Translation

Transcription and Translation - Chapter 1 I How are Genes...

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Chapter 1 I. How are Genes and Proteins related One- gene, one -protein concept- How do we go from genes to physical structure? Genes determine protein structure Protein structure determines the way the processes of life are carried out Enzymes- speed up chemical reactions; immediately start to die once enzymes stop working Energy is also a major component to maintain homeostasis (the other is enzymes) Gene RNA to make a protein DNA RNA--- transcription mRNA is where you find the code to make the amino acid Gene- segment of DNA located at a particular place on a chromosome On one chromosome, there are thousands of genes DNA codes for specific amino acid sequence in a protein or for the RNA that helps make proteins What life forms uses DNA as genetic material?—everywhere on earth II. DNA vs RNA DNA is double stranded, RNA is single stranded DNA’s sugar is deoxyribose, RNA’s sugar is a ribose 3 types of RNA: mRNA, tRNA, and rRNA
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