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Chapter 7 Textbook Notes - Chapter 7 Textbook Notes Body...

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Chapter 7 Textbook Notes Body composition- relative amounts of lean and fat tissue in the body Measuring body composition involves measuring lean body mass, fat mass, and percent body fat Lean body mass- body mass that is fat-free (muscle, skin, bone, organs, and body fluid) Fat mass- body mass that is fat tissue Percent body fat- percentage of total weight that is comprised of fat tissue….wight of fat divided by total body weight Fat tissues can be either essential fat or storage fat Essential fat- necessary for normal body functioning…such as in the brain, muscles, nerves, bones, lungs, heart, and digestive and reproductive systems Women need more essential body fat (about 12%) because of reproductive system. Men only need about 3% Storage fat- nonessential fat tissue near the body’s surface and around major body organs…provides energy, insulation, and padding I. Why do body size, shape, and composition matter? A. Knowing your body composition can help you assess your health risks An alarming 32% of American adults are obese Relies on measurements of total body weight rather than measurements of body composition B. Evaluating your body size and shape can help motivate healthy behavior change Better not to weigh yourself daily…once a week is best
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II. How can you evaluate your body size and shape? A. Calculate BMI Body mass index (BMI)- a number calculated from a person’s weight and height that is used to assess risk for possible present or future health problems Based on height and weight
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Chapter 7 Textbook Notes - Chapter 7 Textbook Notes Body...

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