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Lect14 Water-soluble Vitamins

Lect14 Water-soluble Vitamins - Why do we need to eat...

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1 Why do we need to eat Vitamins? Lack ability to make essential chemicals Prevent deficiency Prevent birth defects Improve Health? Slow Aging?????? Should we treat the symptom : “low vitamin status”? Or treat the underlying cause : the need for a complete diet?? Absorption of Vitamins Loss of Vitamins during Food Preparation Exposure to oxygen, heat or light Leach out into cooking water Milling of grains – Grain/cereal products enriched with: Folate, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Iron – Still lack Fiber, trace minerals Vitamins act as Cofactors for enzymes
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2 Role of Vitamins in Energy Metabolism Folate -- Folic Acid Function : Synthesis of DNA, RNA, amino acids Converts Vitamin B 12 to active form Food sources : foliage, green vegetables, grains, legumes, Fortified breads & cereals Folate Deficiency Megaloblastic anemia Spina Bifida GI tract deterioration Anti-folates given as cancer drugs: e.g.
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