ex1 06 - Letter answers are on the last page. A detailed...

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Letter answers are on the last page. A detailed answer key is also posted separately. The average on this exam was 73 points out of 100; range 10-100 (for 391 students). Chem 1022 __________________ 2/15/06, Prof. D. Leopold Your Name (Optional) EXAM 1 (100 points) This exam covers the material in Silberberg Chapters 13 ( Solutions ) and 16 ( Kinetics ) included in the reading and problems in Homeworks #1 and #2 . There is also one question from the Math Assessment, as was announced in class. You have 60 minutes to do this exam. The 1-page Equation Sheet (and periodic table) is being distributed separately. If you don't want to keep it and you haven't written on it, please return it at the end of the exam so we can reuse it and save trees. Please remember to use a #2 or softer pencil, and bubble in on the answer sheet: student ID number (please double check that you have bubbled this in correctly) note: exam grades are matched by WebCT to student ID numbers so you must bubble this in correctly to have your grade recorded your name (LAST name should be bubbled in first!) sign the reverse side of the bubble sheet. after the proctor says to begin the exam, also bubble in: form A, B or C as given on a later page There are 20 multiple choice questions, worth 5 points each. You will not be penalized for incorrect answers, so you should answer every question. Each question is graded 5 or 0; there is no partial credit. If you fill in more than one answer for a given question, no credit will be given. If you change your mind, be sure to completely erase the old answer. PLEASE DO NOT TURN THE PAGE UNTIL THE PROCTOR SAYS TO BEGIN. Good luck !
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Your Exam is Version A . Please bubble this in on your bubble sheet (under "FORM"). Part I. Solutions (10 questions, 50 points) 1. Consider a solution composed of a volatile solvent and a nonvolatile solute. As the concentration of the solute is increased, the osmotic pressure of the solution __________ and the vapor pressure of the solution _________ . A. increases, increases B. increases, decreases C. decreases, increases D. decreases, decreases E. decreases, does not change F. increases, does not change G. does not change, increases H. does not change, decreases 2. What is the strongest type of intermolecular force between acetone (2-propanone, ((CH 3 ) 2 C=O) and methanol (CH 3 OH)? A.
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ex1 06 - Letter answers are on the last page. A detailed...

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