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110B Physical Chemistry Homework #1: assigned 1/12/11; due 1/19/11 in class 1. Photoelectron spectra (30 pts) 1.1 A photoelectron spectrometer measures the kinetic energy of the electrons ionized when a molecule absorbs a given photon of light. Suppose one uses a helium discharge which generated light at 58.4 nm. What is the largest electron binding energy that can be measured using this radiation source? Explain how a measurement of the kinetic energy of the ionized electrons can be used to determine the energy of the occupied molecular orbital of the molecule. Hint: refresh your memory about the photoelectric effect and think about a molecule instead of a metal plate (110A). 2. Term symbols
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Unformatted text preview: (30 pts) 2.1 The highest occupied molecular orbitals for an excited electronic configuration of an oxygen molecule are (1 π g ) 1 (3 σ u ) 1 . Determine the molecular term symbols for this state. Hint: set up a table of the possible angular and spin momenta value first. 3. MO configurations (40 pts) 3.1 Write MO configurations for Na 2 throughAr 2 ; denote by K and L the first and second filled core shells; do you predict Mg 2 to be stable? Explain why. 3. 2 Determine the electronic configuration and bond order of the nitrogen oxide positive ion and of the cynide negative ion 3.3 Predict the relative bond strengths and bond lengths of the carbon diatomic molecule and its negative ion....
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