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E10 – Problem Set #1 Solutions Materials Science and Engineering Module on Batteries and Fuel Cells Was due: 5:10PM on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 1 of 3 1. Voltage divider In lab#1, you experimented with the following circuit, which is commonly known as a voltage divider . Describe in words the output voltages (V 1 , V 2 , V 12 ) of this circuit and why it is a voltage divider. The output voltages, in equation form, are given on the right. The voltage divider splits the total voltage such that the voltage (V 1 or V 2 ) across any resistor (R 1 or R 2 , correspondingly) is the total voltage (V 12 ) multiplied by the fraction of the total resistance that resistor takes up. (The worked solution for this circuit can be found in Lab #1 solutions supplement.) 2. Electricity Suppose you are teaching a third-grader about electricity. Give an analogy to explain Ohm’s law. For example, the flow of water pumped up a hill is often used to describe current; the pump is the battery and the height of the hill is the
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E10-MSE-B_PS1_solns - E10 Problem Set #1 Solutions...

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