HB 100 syllabus F10

HB 100 syllabus F10 - HB 100 Introduction to Hospitality...

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COURSE GRADES: To get a . .. You need to earn . .. * Each classroom session which features a “guest presentation” will include the chance to earn extra credit points (see the class calendar for the tentative dates of guest presentations). PLEASE NOTE: If you are not present in class on the day of a guest presentation you forfeit the chance for extra credit on that day -- there is no provision for “make-up” extra credit. ALSO NOTE: The only points available are earned by completing what’s outlined on this syllabus. There is no way to get more points after the customized in class test is over on 12/10/10. 4.0 900 or more pts. 3.5 850 to 899 pts. 3.0 800 to 849 pts. 2.5 750 to 799 pts. 2.0 700 to 749 pts. 1.5 650 to 699 pts. 1.0 600 to 649 pts. 0.0 599 or less pts. HB 100 Introduction to Hospitality Business Fall 2010 Fridays, 12:40-1:30pm N130 BCC (2 credits—hybrid) Michael Sciarini, Ph.D. 342 Eppley Center (517)353-9211 sciarin1@msu.edu Office hours: Mondays 9-11am Course goals – by semester’s end you should (better) understand: The essentials of service management -- critical for achievement no matter what life/career path you may choose upon college graduation Basic marketing, human resources and accounting concepts, principles and skills -- the foundation of any successful business Fundamental hospitality business vocabulary -- so that you may (minimally) become a better informed consumer of hospitality products/services The menu of potential careers and occupations available in hospitality businesses – with an aim towards sorting out which (if any) may warrant further investigation on your part Accessing course materials There are two options - pick only one : Either purchase an e-text/digital publication access code online at http://webcom6.grtxle.com/hospitality OR Purchase an access code card for the e-text/digital publication at a local bookstore.
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HB 100 syllabus F10 - HB 100 Introduction to Hospitality...

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