Shiva's Photosynthesis Notes

Shiva's Photosynthesis Notes - UNIT 5: PHOTOSYNTHESIS S....

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UNIT 5: PHOTOSYNTHESIS Shiva S. LIGHT REACTIONS: Used for following for use in dark reactions: ATP: to pump H+ into intrathylakoid space so that it goes through ATP synthase pore, making ATP. NADPH2: from ferredoxin. 1. Light of all wavelength hits antennas on light harvesting complex. Red/Blue-violet wavelengths are absorbed by chlorophyll. Others absorbed by carotene and Xanthophyll. Green reflected. Photosystem 2. 2. Energy from the passed through pigments thorugh induction→ energy excited e- which jump to higher level. When they return to normal, it induces other. Passed to reaction centre chlorophylls: P680 3. Light energy causes P680 to loosen hold on its e-s. 4. Pheophynin takes away 2 e- and quinine takes it away from it. 5. Plastoquinone(PQ) which is in non[polar region of the membrane receives electrons. It becomes polar and floats to nearest polar region (near the top) and picks up two H+ from dissociation of H20. 6. PQ now neutral moves randomly till it hits a spot near the protein complex. a. One e- travels down from there through Cyt B6-FeS-CytF to PC(Plastocynanin) near the Photosystem 1. Without charge, H+ is pumped into Intrathylakoid space PQ releases its 2 e- to Cytochrome B6 b. Other e- travels up to other PC and waits there. When another PQ brings 2 moe e- comes into spot near amplifier, another e- is sent up where one e- is chilling. c. This makesit polar and it picks up 2H+ from doissociation of H2O d. It travels back down to PQ spot, pumping out more ions and giving 2 more e-s (amplying the amount). e. Again one e- is sent up and one is sent down to PC 7. PC now polar, travels to Photosystem 1, passing e- to P700. 8. Light photons cause P700 to loosen hold on e- a 9. Electrons Snatched away by protein complexes 10. 2 e- are taken by Ferredoxin → iron containing enzyme complex. Ferredoxin passes away 2e- and H20 dissociates to give H+ to NADP+ making it into NADPH2 for dark
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UNIT 5: PHOTOSYNTHESIS Shiva S. reactions. NADP+ comes and takes the 2 e- from FD along with 2H+ from disassociation of water 11. Meanwhile. .. at the OEC (Oxygen Evolving Complex) rips apart H20 molecules from intrathylakoid space and give the H+s and the 2e- to P680. This is where electrons come from. 02 is waste. Process called Photolysis. DARK REACTIONS:
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Shiva's Photosynthesis Notes - UNIT 5: PHOTOSYNTHESIS S....

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