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data mining answer

data mining answer - Data Mining Take Home Exam Fall...

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Data Mining Take Home Exam Fall 2009 .12. 08 1. (a) 1. Maybe I mentioned the particular method I used (ex. neural networks, segmentation) and the complicated value scared people because the organization may not data miners and they would not understand what I want to describe and why I want to apply to the project. 2. Maybe I didn’t know my audience more, for instance, whether they are quantitative hitters or not? Or I found the wrong people who wouldn’t be listening to my presentation (wrongly business area and title). (b) 1. Competitor Activity: Competitors can set up new price and new augment marketing strategy to affect my product effect. 2. Poor Modeling: Maybe I just received the wrong data or there were something wrong in the process. 3. Changes in your Business Process: The external economy or my process has changed. (Ex, Customer habits can change on a quarterly basis) 4. Break Downs in other areas of Your Company: Perhaps my product quality had diminished and support services have deteriorated (e.g. poor customer service).
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