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635 project q3 - Introduction 1.The Citi bank is promoting...

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Introduction 1.The Citi bank is promoting a new credit card which has 0% introductory APR for first 6 months and 10% cash back for paying gasoline. The goal for our company is to help Citi bank to look for any potential customers willing to get this credit card in the future. 2. Our data warehousing personnel first collected the data which has been surveyed for three months already. In the survey, the data warehouse collected the data in demographics such as gender, age, job type, and marital status. 3. Moreover, they collected the data in monthly expense, incomes, resident area, house type, own-car and monthly credit card expense. 4. After the data warehouse collected all the variables, our data miners selected the data from the respondents who already has the new credit card and pulled out the monthly credit card expense as the target variable and the data are in the monthly format. Then data minors selected all other variables as the driver variables for the data mining and changed some of the driver variable into the binary format. We defined variables are followed: Target variable: monthly card expense Drive variables: gender, age, job type, marital, monthly expense, incomes, resident Then they adjusted all the data in the proper format and used the regression technique to test the data and analysis the result. 5&6.And then we examined our data whether there is an outlier or missing data. Remove the outlier and judge the missing one if it needing to be filled up. We can use the previous record’s value, take an average, or leave it blank and data mining algorithms will adjust for this. 7. Then we evaluated current economic environment and adjust for inflation in some variables over time. We take some factors into consideration, such as how long we can get clients’ responses and discussed it latter. 8. Mine our data. We used regression to analyze the data.
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635 project q3 - Introduction 1.The Citi bank is promoting...

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