Biology - Chapter 1:Ten Themes in the Study of Life A. What...

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Chapter 1:Ten Themes in the Study of Life A. What is life? To biologists, life reflects its ancient molecular origins and its degree of organization. B. Life's major themes: 1. Each level of biological organization has emergent properties. 2. Cells are the basic unit for both structure and function. 3. DNA is the genetic material and is the heritable information. 4. Structure and Function are related at all levels of organization. 5. Open systems: A way of sensing and responding to specific changes in the environment. 6. A way of capturing and using energy and materials (regulation of biochemical reactions) 7. Unity and Diversity. 8. Evolution is the central theme of biology. 9. Science is a process of inquiry (the scientific method). 10. Science and technology are functions of society, I. Energy and Life’s Organization A. Levels of Biological Organization 1. The cell, composed of "biological molecules," is the basic unit of life.
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2. Multicelled organisms have increasingly complex levels of organization that result in tissues >>> organs >>> organ systems >>> organisms >>> populations >>> communities >>> ecosystems >>> biosphere. B. Interdependencies Among Organisms 1. Energy flows from the sun. a. Plants (producers) trap this energy by photosynthesis. b. Animals (consumers) feed on the stored energy in plants, using aerobic respiration. c. Bacteria and fungi (decomposers) break down the biological molecules of other organisms in order to recycle raw materials. 2. All organisms are part of webs that depend on one another for
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Biology - Chapter 1:Ten Themes in the Study of Life A. What...

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