Special Populations - GIH Concept List

Special Populations - GIH Concept List - Organic brain...

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Global Inequalities and Health Concepts and Vocabulary for Exam 2 Signs/Symptoms Special Populations Equity and Efficiency Palliative Care/Tertiary Care Hispanic epidemiological paradox Affordability Medicalization Epidemiological model Pandemic Epidemiology/Epidemiologis ts Risk Profile Incidence Vectors/Agents/Hosts Disease Surveillance Prevalence Mental Illness Ethnicity Poverty Schizophrenia Human Papilloma Virus Inequality Psychoses Epidemiology (focus, environment, possible treatment suggestions) Human and Human Sex Trafficking Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Egalitarian=Equal Notes from Ambassador Engle’s Lecture Mental Illness diagnosis
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Unformatted text preview: Organic brain disorders Depression Female Genital Cutting Anti Psychiatric Movement Maternal Mortality Dementia Public Health in Texas Bi-Polar disorder Disease Disparities H1N1 Look at all the presentations on the Special Populations folder on course documents: Invited lecture Jeff Taylor, Special populations: the uninsured, Gender and Global health, Immigration and health, and mental health. Also, at your notes on Ambassador’s Engle lecture this week. Also, the HPV Vaccine article and all the reading stated on the syllabus for Weeks 6 through 10....
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Special Populations - GIH Concept List - Organic brain...

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