Midterm 1B - Student Name: Discussion Section Number or TA...

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Discussion Section Number or TA Name: Student ID: Midterm 1: Form B 6E:071 Spring 2007 Please write legibly. There are two forms for this exam. If an answer from the other form appears on this exam, we will consider that evidence that you copied from another exam and you will receive a grade of zero on the entire exam. You may use any calculator that the College Board allows and one cheat sheet, 8.5 x 11. Please be sure to sign the honor pledge after you complete the exam. On my honor, I pledge that during this examination I neither gave nor received any assistance, and I did not witness any violation(s) of the honor code. Signature: 1) Fast food restaurants are interested in delivering accurate orders to their customers both for cost savings and for customer service. In 2002, a study was conducted by a marketing firm working for QSR Magazine in which several fast food restaurants were visited by mystery customers. Each customer ordered a similar meal, and then recorded whether the meal they received was what they ordered (accurate) or not what they ordered (inaccurate). QSR Magazine was interested in whether the proportion of accurate orders was different for different fast food restaurants. a) The analyst for the firm decided to conduct a chi-squared analysis. Does that seem appropriate here? Why or why not? b) The analyst used Minitab and produced the following data, although some data was garbled. Fill in the four missing values in the chi-square table:
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Midterm 1B - Student Name: Discussion Section Number or TA...

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