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EN 2010-12-18 - Form 9 rte""""""...

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Unformatted text preview: Form 9 rte """""". Entry NotIce residential tenancies Mamet. Wna qu. gov. a” Residential Tenancies and RoomingAccommodationAci 2008 Witter”? (Section 193) Name andugddress of tenantls 3 Address of rental premises 2/106 Carmoo’y Road ST LUClA QLD Cuiwen Chen, Audrey Jia Yi Lee 8. Si YiAng 2/106 Carmody Road ST LUCIA QLD Postcode 4067 Postcode 4067 4 Entry is sought underthe foilowing grounds: Purpose of this form - This form is used to give . notice to tenants about an entry by the lessor/agent. [-3 nggztlJEBdixzmzei70£j§ 23.23? a short tenancy Form compteted by - the lessor/agent and given to the D inspect the premises for a short tenancy moveable tenant/s. dwelting (24 hours notice) Secondary agents - if the premises are being sold, the _ . . notice might be given by an agent who is sailing the E] Make routine rapalfs Dr t0 0‘8“)! out malfltenance 0f Premises {calted a 'secondary agent’). in this case, a copy of the Prem'ses (24 hours ”0“”) the form must also be given to the renttng agent. A D ins ect re airs or maintenance carried out secondary agent must show the tenant written evidence of 24% p I. thetr appointment, if asked. before entry can take place. ( ours no me) if you receive this form as a tenant - it means that your C] To comply With the Fire and Rescue 3‘9”"? A“ 7990 lessor/agent is notifying you that they intend to enter the ”1 rotation to Emma alarms (24 hours notice) rental premises on a particular date. Cl To comply with the Electrical SafetyAct 2002 in A lessor/agent must not enter the premises unless the relation to approved safety SWiTChBS (24 hours ROUGE) t ' th ' d h A . en ry '8 an orIse undert e Gt [2/ Show the premises to a prospective purchaser or If you dispute the grounds on which this notice was given tenant (24 hours ”01709) you may first attempt to receive it by contacting the party who _ _ | gave the notice. lttnat fails you can access the RTA's D MOW a valuation 0f the premIses to be earned out Dispute Resolution Service by lodging a Dispute Resolution (24 hours notice) Request (Form 36) mm the RTA' [j The lessor believes. on reasonable grounds. that the Further assistance - please read the Information Statement premtses have been abandoned (24 hours notice) you received at the start of the tenancy or visit the RTA D Check the tenant has remidied a serious breach, if a webSIte metaotdgovau. Notice to Remedy Breach (Form 11} has finished (24 hours notice) Please print 5 Entry to the premises by the lessor or lessor's agent. . . . . . Entry on Sundays. public holidays or between 6.00pm and 9 1 Who '5 g'vmg this EntryNOt'ce' 8.00am is only allowed if the tenant agrees. [j Lessor > Go to next question (2a) Date of entry Time of entry t [j Renting agent > Go to next question (23) I am Secondary agent > Go to 2b i 8/! 7/1010 “30 {100 C] pm 2a Name of lessor or renting agent entering mum-w A maximum two hour OFSHViiie PW Ltd period during which entry will commence must be nominated if entry is by lessorlagent only. 6 D . 2b Name and address of person entering ate issued Frank Ham & associates ‘: ii 1,; 2010 8/48 Sherwood Road (PO Box 1881), T00 WONG QLD 66 Postcode Lessor/agent's signature Phone number (Bil-i) Mobile phone number“ / 07 3871 1811 I i 0413 866 444 J ~ DO NOT SEND THIS FORM TO RTA - Please keep a copy for your records m ' Form 9 - am July 2009 ...
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