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Electrical Engineering Department Fall 2008 EEM216A – Design of VLSI Circuits and Systems Homework #3 Due Wednesday, November 5, 2pm (Hw drop box) MSOL students: email to [email protected] Problem 1: Delay and Energy Capacitance In this problem we have to determine linear equivalent of the inverter input capacitance using Spectre. Use simulation setup similar to the one discussed in class. All inverters are INVX1. To develop models for supply voltage optimization, do the following for V DD = 0.4V, 0.7V, and 1.0V. a) Determine capacitance C D from the simulation setup to match propagation delays of the inverter loaded with another identical inverter (include extra stage to suppress Miller capacitance). b) Determine capacitance C E in such a way as to match energy of the two inverters from the simulation setup. Calculate energy by integrating current through V DD . c) Based on signal slopes from (1a) and transistor thresholds from homework 1, estimate the capacitance C SC that corresponds to short-circuit energy dissipation. Discuss C SC / C E (V DD ). c) Are C D and C E different? How does V DD affect results? Comment your results.
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