FINAL ESSAY - ourselves Finding 100 dollars on the floor is good for one self if they keep it but bad for the person who lost it I agree with Satre

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Existence precedes essence we are free and in control. This simply states that there is no determinism, man is free to choose their own destiny. Life is not predetermined, it is controlled by the decisions that we are free to make. Satre an atheist states that God does not exist. He says that if there is no God then there is at least one being whos existence precedes essence. God did not define humans because man was born into earth and at that point defined who he was. Mans nature and essence is determined after one is born into conciseness. Satre also says that we are condemned to be free. We are condemned to choose because we did not choose to be born our parents chose and forced us to come alive. Once we are born though we are accountable and responsible for everything we do. We are in absolute power to choose who we are and cannot avoid this choice. Satre states that we always choose well and never choose evil, much of the time this conflicts with others. Choices can be Evil to others while being good for
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Unformatted text preview: ourselves. Finding 100 dollars on the floor is good for one self if they keep it but bad for the person who lost it. I agree with Satre on most of his views. I believe in his atheism views, but I believe in determinism and Baron Holbach. I believe that even though we can choose who we are, in our minds it is already predetermined. Satre uses the example of a waiter to show “bad faith.” The waiter plays a role that he cannot go out of; he has a different set of values and faiths. When he is at work he must be nice and be talkative, acting in a way that in most cases he would not normally especially to random strangers. Bad faith is the condition of self deception where one tells themselves that they are not free when they really are. This view is challenging because Satre says we need to avoid it and yet it is essential for every day civilization....
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