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ESM3A HW7 - Jacobs University Bremen School of Engineering...

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Jacobs University Bremen School of Engineering and Science Peter Oswald Fall Term 2010 120201 ESM3A — Problem Set 7 Issued: 27.10.2010 Due: Wednesday 3.11.2010 (in class) This is about the basic types of discrete random variables and their properties. Compare literature and Lecture 10 in the posted script. Each problem 10 points (even though they are not equally difficult or easy). 7.1. Suppose the failure probability of an aircraft engine in flight is 1 - p (with p hopefully very close to 1 but this is not assumed in the problem). The aircraft can still maneuver and return safely if at least half of its engines are working. a) Is it true that 4-engine planes are preferable to two-engine planes? b) Same question for 5-engine versus 3-engine planes. 7.2. Parity checking is a simple method for error detection in bit words: At the transmitter, a 0 or 1 is appended to each bit word so that the sum of bits is even, at the receiver the sum is checked, if it is even then the last bit is discarded and the 7-bit word considered correctly received, if the sum is odd then the bit-word is rejected, and an error is signaled.
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