Lesson #1, Assignment #3

Lesson #1, Assignment #3 - Study the case, "Fair is...

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Study the case, "‘Fair is Fair,’ Isn’t It?" on pages 275-280 of the text Management Communication: Principles and Practice (3rd Edition). Using the categories and questions outlined on pages 4-5 of the required text and the sample (Exhibit 1.1) on page 6, complete a communication analysis to help you understand and analyze this case. Address the following questions concerning the case "‘fair is fair,’ Isn’t It?" Your response should be both thorough and succinct; be sure to use correct spelling and grammar. 1. How did the problem in this case arise? Who is responsible for the current situation? What might he or she have done differently? What should Dean Frederick do now? What should Laura Adams do now? The problem arose when a routine audit was conducted and Laura's name was discovered on the class list for the international marketing course. Dean Fredrick is responsible for the Laura's situation, because he thought it was fine for her to take the class and forgot the consequences for his decision. Dean Fredrick and Laura Adams should follow the strict guidelines for the university and submit a supportive request by Dean Fredrick for Laura's exception to Vice President Jerry Forrest. Dean Fredrick should support Laura in each and every way, because he was responsible for the decision that he took in the first place. Laura did violate the guidelines for the university. She should now accept her reprimand and take it as an example for what she
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Lesson #1, Assignment #3 - Study the case, "Fair is...

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