Lesson #1, Assignment #4

Lesson #1, Assignment #4 - After reading Chapter...

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After reading Chapter 16, "Effective Writing: A Brief Manual of Syle," complete the following review exercises by copying and pasting the items below into a Word document, and then revising as per the instructions. I) THE 'PASSIVE VOICE' Underline each finite verb, and mark it as (A) active voice or (B) passive voice (two points each):1. Explain the communication style and working relationship you have with your direct supervisor/employer. A. It has been decided that the company will update its networking software before the end of the fiscal year. - (B) B. It seemed clear to everyone on the committee that an agreement would not be reached today.- (A) C. The partners have decided to fund a new community service option that will be open to all employees. - (A) D. Unfortunately, it is not possible to answer your questions without further research.- (A) E. The senior partners are going to meet tomorrow to decide the issue.- (A) F. I have considered all the options, and I recommend we change
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Lesson #1, Assignment #4 - After reading Chapter...

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