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Lesson #2, Assignment #1 - 3 What should she do now Ms...

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Study the case, "Yellowtail Marine, Inc.," on page 21-38 of the text Management Communication: Principles and Practice (3rd Edition). Answer the following questions: 1. What are Gilcrist’s responsibilities to the company? To the employees who might resent her sudden appearance? To Boswell? Ms. Gilcrist has responsibilities to Yellowtail to create a smooth change of command and to increase the company revenue. She is responsible to her employees for open communication and prompt problem resolution. Mr. Boswell has made her responsibilities to him clear. She must formulate a clear strategy for Yellowtail and communicate it well. 2. What long-term goals should she set for herself? Ms. Gilcrist has dealt with the current goals her long-term goals would be to increase assets, diversify the product line, and increase marketing success.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What should she do now? Ms. Gilcrists immediate goals should be to review the items, establish their importance, and handle or delegate the items accordingly. 4. How should she communicate her decisions? She will be tested all the way to use strong communication skills. She may use phone, memo, e-mail, or meetings to communicate. 5. What risks does Gilcrist face? What painful decisions should she make? Ms. Gilcrist faces risks along her path. Such as, poor profit and lost revenue. Her painful decision may be the issue with the chemical spillage and the EPA. 6. Should she immediately move to make the company more market-oriented? How? Yes, she should move to make the business more market oriented by soliciting business from competitors customers. She should increase boat show appearances and advertising....
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Lesson #2, Assignment #1 - 3 What should she do now Ms...

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