Lesson #3, Assignment #1

Lesson #3, Assignment #1 - Using the categories and...

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Using the categories and questions outlined on pages 4-5 of the required text and the sample (Exhibit 1.1) on page 6, complete a communication analysis to help you understand and analyze this case. Answer the following questions: 1. What key audiences need to be addressed in Weymouth’s communication of good and bad news? In the case of Weymouth Steel, there are two key audiences for both the good and bad news: its employees and the media. Since these two audiences have such different expectations from Weymouth, it is clear that more than one channel of communication must be used here. Both the employees and the media expect Weymouth to communicate the truth about the situation, as well as the details of why certain actions are being carried out. The employees, however, will expect much more detailed reasoning for why their positions or those of their coworkers are being eliminated. 2. Where do their interests conflict? Where do their interests overlap? I feel employees will consider it a conflicting message to learn they are being terminated because
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Lesson #3, Assignment #1 - Using the categories and...

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