Lesson #3, Assignment #2

Lesson #3, Assignment #2 - MEMORANDUM To James Harrison VP...

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MEMORANDUM To: James Harrison, VP for Public Affairs From: Divakaran Dhanasekaran Subject: Action Plan/Communication Date: November 12, 2010 Dear Mr. Harrison, Due toward the conditions of our corporation, I would suggest conducting a mandatory meeting with all Weymouth Steel Corporation employees, along with passing out a notice at the meeting to each employee stating the following. Unfortunately, hard times have approached us here at Weymouth Steel Corporation, were we have to lay-off several of our employees due towards finance problems here at the mill. In the past we have initiated several cost-cutting measures to save jobs here at the mill. We have exhausted every possibility, avoiding lay-offs. We have shut down smaller/less efficient mills and processing plants, stopped overtime and temps, reduced purchases and supply costs. Also Weymouth’s business is likely to fall 25% in eight months. In addition, under the federal anti- pollution standards, Weymouth is expected to spend $2 billion dollars a year to meet the federal anti-pollution standard therefore it is very urgent that all costs be reduced immediately. Weymouth has tried to keep the number of lay-offs as minimum as possible, but it seems, out of
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Lesson #3, Assignment #2 - MEMORANDUM To James Harrison VP...

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