Lesson #4, Assignment #2

Lesson #4, Assignment #2 - The letter(below...

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The letter (below) presents "Cuttyhunk Bank, Part II," a continuation of the case in your text. Answer the following questions concerning the case "Cuttyhunk Bank, Part II." Your response should be both thorough and succinct; be sure to use correct spelling and grammar. 1. How well does the May 14 (below) letter do its job? What should be the chief message and goals of the May 14 letter? In your view, will the letter achieve those goals? They May 14th letter is a complete about-face from the April 25th letter, although it still needs work. For one, there is too much technical jargon that 90% of Cuttyhunk’s customers will not understand. Wilson s duty is to inform them of the merger and conversion to a state charter, whereas he seems to confuse them, again. As this letter is largely damage control, there should be an apologetic tone regarding the attempts to cover up the finer points in the April 25 letter and the leaked e-mail. The length of the letter is uninviting to any normal customer; a sense of
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Lesson #4, Assignment #2 - The letter(below...

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