Lesson #4, Assignment #3

Lesson #4, Assignment #3 - Using the categories and...

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Using the categories and questions outlined on pages 4-5 of the required text and the sample (Exhibit 1.1) on page 6, complete a communication analysis to help you understand and analyze this case. Answer the following questions concerning the case "McGregor's Ltd. Department Store." Your response should be both thorough and succinct; be sure to use correct spelling and grammar. 1. Once McGregor has chosen his arguments, what structure will work best in this situation? One-sided or two sided? Tell or sell? Given, since, therefore? Recommendations, rationale, implementation? Storytelling? Structuring his argument given that his audience is likely both supportive and hostile once they learn of their loss of a discount on store items McGregor will want to choose a structure which is inductive, ascending, and two-sided. His best approach would be comprised of recommendations, rationale, and implementation. 2. In arriving at his decision to modify the discount program, McGregor considered many arguments in its favor. Identify his arguments with a suitable key word. Which seem most cogent and persuasive to you?
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Lesson #4, Assignment #3 - Using the categories and...

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